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Our history

About Us

Welcome to Resin Root Designs!

We started our journey into craftsmanship with decades of building experience, from roofing to landscaping. Despite this background, a pursuit of genuine satisfaction persisted. Inspired by innovators such as Rothko, Pollock, Nakashima, and Maloof, we discovered our real calling: creating one-of-a-kind, heirloom-caliber furniture and tables.

At Resin Root Designs, our expertise lies in handcrafting furniture that tells a story, meticulously tailored to your specifications. Each creation is a labor of love, blending artistry with craftsmanship and ensuring enduring beauty. We work closely with you to select the perfect wood and materials, ensuring that the finished item reflects your unique vision.

Our dedication to sustainability remains steadfast. We exclusively source wood from sustainable forests, minimizing our impact on the planet. By doing this, we support regional artists and producers and foster a creative and environmentally conscientious community.

Join us on this creative adventure where your beliefs and style are imprinted on every piece of furniture and table. Let our creations evolve into cherished heirlooms passed down through generations.

Thank you for selecting Resin Root Designs, where craftsmanship converges with artistry, and every piece is a product of passion.

Custom Wood Tables in Huntington Beach CA

Whether it’s a dining table, coffee table, or a statement piece for your living space, our creations in Huntington Beach CA, provide a distinctive answer, bringing warmth and character to your home.

Our value

Elegant Designs, Premium Material

In every creation, we merge innovative designs with boundless creativity, ensuring that each piece is a unique masterpiece.


Our vision identifies a need for furniture that transcends the commonplace, becoming the architects of unforgettable experiences.


Our mission is to bridge this gap, offering handcrafted pieces that are not just functional but also deeply meaningful.

Wood Furniture Services in Huntington Beach CA

The quest for timeless and quality wood furniture services in Huntington Beach CA, often leads to limited options. Resin Root Designs identifies this problem and offers a compelling solution.

From custom dining tables to handcrafted wood furniture, our offerings stand as a remedy, enriching your living spaces with enduring beauty and unparalleled quality.


What our clients are saying.

We have successfully served and satisfied numerous clients with our exceptional services. See what our clients have to say about Resin Root Designs LLC.
Frank Wood
Frank Wood
I contacted Resin Root Designs requesting they create a Living Memorial of my wife, Annette. Jon requested I send photos of my wife with a belief narrative of each picture. Jon took that information and created a great memorial for me, one that will definitely be passed on for many years. His design is outstanding and imaginative. It covers, in picture form, everything I wanted to pass on. Everyone that has seen this memorial is amazed at the craft-men ship and attention to detail that Jon put into it and want to know if they too can acquire services such as this from Resin Root Designs. Attached are two pictures of Jon’s design and his quality work-man ship.
Susana Alegria
Susana Alegria
Loving how this charcuterie board came out! The colors are perfect for my kitchen. It's heavy and feels very well made. It would make a great gift for anyone who loves to host. I will be back ! Thank you Resin Root!
Mario Hernandez
Mario Hernandez
We bought this live edge epoxy coffee table from Jon. Absolutely love it! impressed not only with the table but the customer service too. Jon walked us through the whole process from the size,design, colors and type of wood. Beautiful table, lots of attention to detail, quality work. Definitely would recommend!
Briahna Wood
Briahna Wood
We love our charcuterie board. This thing is a one of a kind masterpiece. You have to see it to fully understand how beautiful it is. John was so easy to talk to and helped me design our board. Looked at some other products they make and will saving up to get a dining room table. They are stunning! Highly recommend these guys
Pacific One Lending and Real Estate
Pacific One Lending and Real Estate
From start to finish Resin Root Designed helped me take my vision and turned my table into reality. Really happy and in love with table. John was very helpful and understood what I was thinking. He is a true artist. Thanks so much. Very happy